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I am raising freshwater shrimp in Middle Georgia, as a hobby.  These shrimp are also known as Giant Malaysian Freshwater Prawns and are technically Macrobrachium rosenbergii.  Through this web site I will share what I have learned through my endeavors.  We have raised several hundred pounds of shrimp over each of the last 4 years.  This last year (2004), we raised about 300 lbs of shrimp in 5 ditches, each about 20 feet by 90 feet.  In the past, I setup a nursery for the Post Larvae (PL), but finally decided that I could not correlate putting older shrimp into the ditches with getting larger shrimp out at harvesting. We have a decent growing season here in Georgia, from mid-May to mid-October. 

Hatchery Where to get the post-larvae shrimp
Nursery I decided to grow my post-larvae shrimp about 45 days before stocking (if you really want to see it, let me know and I will post pictures)
Growout This is where most of the startup cost comes from, the ditches/ponds where the shrimp grow big, and the pumps and blowers necessary to move water and air
Harvesting This is where we get muddy, but probably the most satisfying part of raising shrimp
Links Some links related to freshwater shrimp

I am slowly updating this site with information, hope to add a lot more text and pictures soon ...last hosting service pulled the plug before I could get all my pictures off of it!!!  It is taking a while to find all the pictures and get them thumbnailed and back online.
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